I need to cancel class last minute. What should I do?

Cancel the class from the Rosters page on your ClassPass dashboard. 

Go to the class you need to cancel and select Cancel next to the name. This will remove the class from the ClassPass schedule (for that specific instance only) and will notify any users that are signed up with an auto-generated email. If there are no users signed up, the button will say Remove.

We understand that sometimes last minute changes happen. If a ClassPass user was still booked in a class you canceled, but was not canceled out in time, the user will not be charged or penalized.

For studios who are synced with ClassPass through MindBody, you may cancel the class in MindBody and this will automatically sync over to your Partner Dashboard and cancel and notify users from that class. Please note, this only applies to studios who are synced with MindBody. If your studio does not use MindBody with ClassPass, you still need to cancel in the Dashboard. For same day class cancellations, it's a good practice to double-check the Dashboard as well!