Overview: What products and programs does ClassPass offer?

Below is a high level summary of each product and program you have access to as a ClassPass partner. Participation in these will ensure you are benefiting the most from our partnership.

    • Premium: ClassPass users are able to purchase additional classes at your studio/gym once they’ve hit their monthly visit or plan limit on ClassPass. These spots are priced based on real-time demand data to maximize revenue. With this data, the best price for each class is determined to incentivize ClassPass users to purchase spots that may otherwise go unfilled. Click here to read more.
      *This inventory includes what was previously known as Studio Direct, Dynamic and Plus pricing.
    • A la Carte: Allows people to purchase one-off classes at your studio/gym via the ClassPass platform. In order to purchase a class, they do not need to have an active recurring ClassPass membership. Click here to read more.
    • Credits: Instead of receiving a set number of classes per month, ClassPass users will receive a set number of credits to book classes at your studio/gym. Click here to read more.
    • SmartSpot: A dynamic algorithm that detects open spots in high-demand classes that are fully booked on ClassPass, but may otherwise go unfilled by the time class starts. Click here to read more.
    • Opportunities: Recommends spots to add within high-demand classes from your schedule, where spots are still available but are not yet being offered to ClassPass users. Click here to read more.