Credits: What are Credits?

Credits is a variable currency assigned to classes and studios that better differentiates value. Credit prices are based on studio payout, which is based on direct studio pricing.

Credits is a way to create a more efficient marketplace on ClassPass. Just as classes are priced differently outside of ClassPass, we believe classes should be priced differently within ClassPass. This gives users flexibility in how and where they book reservations and it creates a better system for our partners to clear spots at the market-optimizing prices, ultimately driving utilization and revenue across our studio and gym base.

With credits, you’re able to try to incentivize user behavior and increase traffic to some classes, as well as add spots to the platform that were currently too in-demand/valuable to add at the current ClassPass rate.

ClassPass users get a monthly allocation of credits they can use to book experiences on ClassPass. Different classes will be worth different credit values to help users optimize their ClassPass experience based on their individual goals each month. ClassPass users may roll over up to 10 credits month over month.

For additional questions on credits, reach out to our Partner Success Team at