How do I access my ratings and reviews in my Partner Dashboard?

Want to know more about what ClassPass users are saying about your studio or gym? You can scope out your ratings and reviews under the Reports tab in you Partner Dashboard.

  • OVERVIEW: Refer to the Overview tab to see a summary of your ratings and reviews broken down by week, last 90 days, and all time results. Here, you can also browse reviews by class and teacher.
  • REVIEWS: The Reviews tab allows you to look over your ratings and reviews on a week-by-week basis. This page notes the class, teacher, rating, review, and allows you to write a reply or even flag any abuse. (Learn more about what constitutes review abuse here.)
  • CLASSES: In the Classes tab, you can find a complete overview of ratings metrics by class. Select a class from the dropdown menu to see the weekly and overall rating of a given class, along with user comments and instructor ratings.
  • TEACHERS: In the Teachers tab, you will see a summary of a given instructor’s performance. You can select a teacher from the dropdown menu to review their performance based on user ratings and reviews.