Premium: What is Premium?

Premium allows you to make new spots available in your classes above and beyond your current spot allocations, or your “network” inventory. Premium inventory, now bookable by users on ClassPass, is sold at a higher dynamic rate and aims to generate more revenue per spot for our partners.

Premium spots are sold to ClassPass users in three instances:

  1. Once they’ve hit their monthly/plan limit for visits to your studio;
  2. When your network spots are sold out;
  3. When spots within a class are set to zero in the Partner Dashboard.

Note: A la carte purchases are also sold as “Premium” reservations but are sold in dollars/pounds vs. credits. Learn more here.

You’re paid at a higher rate for these reservations and they are marked as “Premium” in your Partner Dashboard. (Also see SmartRate)

The goal of the Premium program is to generate more revenue at higher rates for your studio or gym. We’ve found that ClassPass users want to manage their fitness in one place and are not leaving the app experience. However, with Premium, these spots are now merchandised on the ClassPass app and studios are able to upsell users for extra visits or for high demand (“peak time”) spots at a higher rate.

This inventory allows users to reserve additional classes at your studio once they’ve hit their monthly/plan limit or network spots are sold out on ClassPass.

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