MINDBODY: Why doesn't my MINDBODY reservation report match the month end total I see in my Partner Dashboard?

You may find a discrepancy between the revenue and reservation reports you pull in MBO versus what we have recorded in your Partner Dashboard.

If you are pulling a “Sales by Pricing Option” or “Sales by Service Category” report in MBO, this report will show you all reservation activity (including early cancels), as well as all reservations made, but not necessarily taken, during that same month (for example, if a customer booked a class on 1/31 for 2/4), which varies slightly from ClassPass reporting.

To pull an MBO report most in line with ClassPass reporting, we suggest that you run your MBO report using these instructions:

  • Run the “Attendance Analysis” report. Since this is an attendance report, it will not show reservations made for dates outside of the date range they include, only people who actually attended during that time frame.
  • Add in the date range for the month of interest.
  • Click "Include no-shows and late cancels."
  • Select "Analysis by: Pricing Option."

If you still find a discrepancy after you pull this report, please reach out to our Partner Success team at studios@classpass.com and we will be happy to help review with you further!