Overview: How does ClassPass work?

At ClassPass, we’re dedicated to driving reservations and revenue to your studio. Below is a high level summary of how our credit system and partnership works for studios and gyms on the platform. For more details, click through the “Learn more” links below.

  • Credits are a variable currency that ClassPass members use to book classes at your studio. Different classes cost different credit amounts and the amount of credits users get varies by market and plan. Learn more.
  • With credits, we can now facilitate Premium reservations. Premium allows you to merchandise new spots in your classes above and beyond your current network spot allocations at higher rates! Learn more.
    • ClassPass users can reserve additional spots at your studio under the following scenarios:
      • (a) when they hit their monthly limit at your studio
      • (b) when classes are "sold out" on ClassPass but have additional spots left in class
      • (c) when classes are set to 0 on ClassPass but have additional spots in the class and
      • (d) when they purchase classes through our a la carte product.

      *Note: This inventory includes what was previously known as Studio Direct, Dynamic, and Plus pricing.

  • A la carte allows people to purchase a la carte classes at your studio through the ClassPass platform. In order to purchase a class, they do not need to have an active recurring ClassPass membership. These reservations will appear as “Premium” in your Partner Dashboard. Learn more.

We provide our partners with additional inventory tools to better optimize their revenue and make the most out of their partnership with ClassPass. Below are a high level summary on those tools.  For more details, click through the “Learn more” links below.

  • SmartSpot: A dynamic algorithm that detects open spots in high-demand classes that are fully booked on ClassPass, but may otherwise go unfilled by the time class starts. Learn more.
  • Opportunities: This product detects and recommends where spots can be added to high-demand classes in your schedule, when spots are still available but are not yet being offered to ClassPass users. Learn more.

There are also additional marketing programs we make available to partners. For more details on those program, read below.

  • Spotlight: The Spotlight program allows partners to receive premier placements within the ClassPass platform to increase exposure for a fee. Learn more.