Can I have a prerequisite in place for my advanced classes?

We understand some of your classes may be more advanced than others, so we’re happy to put pre-reqs in place for certain classes! 

To add a prerequisite for your studio:

  1. Email your Account Manager the name of the required intro class. Indicate which classes would be considered advanced.
  2. In order to ensure a beginner does not sign up for the advanced class, your Account Manager may temporarily remove the class from your schedule while our tech team works to create the prerequisite.
  3. Once the pre-req is in place, the class will be put back on the schedule, but only users that have the necessary requirements will be able to sign up for it. 

At this time, we're not able to implement rules that require users to take more than one of the same class before an advanced class. For example, we can't create a requirement that the user takes 5 “Intro to Boxing” classes before taking the “Advanced Boxing” class.

Note: If a new user comes to you saying they are advanced enough to take the class, and you agree, please have them reach out to us directly so we can help add the prerequisite to their account and they can book the more advanced class.